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May 16, 2022
The TOP 10 Jewelry Stores in Staten Island NY

The TOP 10 Jewelry Stores in Staten Island NY

Casale Jewelers

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(718) 667-0367
1639 Richmond Rd
Staten Island, NY 10304

Areas Served: Richmond County, Staten Island, Arden Heights NY, Great Kills NY,…
Services: local jewelers for engagement rings, wedding bands, diamond rings

Fope Jewelry Inc

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(212) 682-6111
PO Box 120989
Staten Island, NY 10312

Areas Served: Staten Island NY, Great Kills NY, Park Hill NY, Eltingville…
Services: fine jewelry incl. wedding bands, promise rings, engagement rings, ring…

Goff Jewelers

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(718) 698-7075
2655 Richmond Ave # 2135
Staten Island, NY 10314

Areas Served: Richmond County, Eltingville NY, Staten Island NY, Arden Heights NY,…
Services: jewelry sales of engagement rings, resize rings, new engagement rings,…

Limor Jewelers Inc

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(718) 698-6600
2655 Richmond Ave # 1145
Staten Island, NY 10314

Areas Served: Staten Island, Eltingville NY, Great Kills NY, Park Hill NY,…
Services: diamond rings, chocolate diamonds, yellow diamonds

Littman Jewelers

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(718) 698-8181
2655 Richmond Ave # 1475
Staten Island, NY 10314

Areas Served: Eltingville NY, Arden Heights N, Richmond County, Staten Island NY,…
Services: local jewelery store for ring resizing, gold jewelry, jewelry repair,…

Vik’s Fine Jewelry

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(718) 524-6544
2323 Richmond Ave
Staten Island, NY 10314

Areas Served: Great Kills NY, Eltingville NY, Park Hill NY, Staten Island,…
Services: cameos, tennis bracelets, class rings, navel rings, white gold jewelry,…