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September 25, 2021
The TOP 10 Waterproofing Contractors in Boston MA

The TOP 10 Waterproofing Contractors in Boston MA

Value Dry of Massachusetts

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41 Belvidere St
Boston, MA 02115

Areas Served: Suffolk County, Roxbury, South Boston MA, Fenway?Kenmore, Jamaica Plain, Revere…
Services: leak prevention, leak detection, water sealant services

Standard Waterproofing Corp

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80 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02116

Areas Served: Suffolk County, Chelsea MA, Boston MA, Revere MA, Roslindale, East…
Services: waterproofing services incl. wall coatings, water repellents, waterproof membranes

Waterproofing Co

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12 Allerton St
Roxbury, MA 02119

Areas Served: Boston MA, Suffolk County, Brighton, Roxbury, Revere, South Dorchester, Mattapan,…
Services: waterproofing contractors for water seepage, water leaks, cellar waterproofing

ESI Waterproofing & Masonry

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60 Clayton St
Dorchester, MA 02122

Areas Served: Revere MA, Chelsea MA, Dorchester MA, Boston MA, Mattapan, Mattapan…
Services: cellar dewatering, basement waterproofing, all waterproofing services

JW Waterproofing

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10 Bloomington St
Dorchester, MA 02122

Areas Served: East Boston MA, Dorchester, Suffolk County MA, Hyde Park, Revere…
Services: waterproofing contractors for drainage, dewatering, water sealants