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August 18, 2022
The TOP 10 Landscape Contractors & Landscape Designers in Akron OH

The TOP 10 Landscape Contractors & Landscape Designers in Akron OH

Wolfscape Inc

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(330) 468-3750
285 E Twinsburg Rd # A
Northfield, OH 44067

Areas Served: Green OH, Akron OH, Summit County OH, Barberton OH, Cuyahoga…
Services: landscaping services incl. new landscaping, landscape design, new gardens

Lucas Landscaping & Nursery

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(330) 825-3135
3758 Johnson Rd
Norton, OH 44203

Areas Served: Cuyahoga Falls OH, Summit County OH, Stow OH, Green OH,…
Services: landscape contractors commercial & residential, landscape maintenance

Summit Landscape

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(330) 848-2203
3621 Summit Rd
Norton, OH 44203

Areas Served: Twinsburg OH, Summit County, Green OH, Stow OH, Cuyahoga Falls…
Services: full landscape services for commercial & residential including design &…

Fred Azar Landscaping Inc

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(330) 923-7101
3873 Wyoga Lake Rd
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44224

Areas Served: Summit County OH, Stow OH, Akron OH, Barberton OH, Cuyahoga…
Services: landscape company for new garden design, landscape installers, new landscaping

Tuccillo Landscape Service Co

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(330) 762-2626
495 Wolf Ledges Pkwy # 1
Akron, OH 44311

Areas Served: New Franklin OH, Akron Ohio, Summit County Ohio, Green OH,…
Services: landscape contractors for new landscaping, landscape services & landscape designers

Blooming Designs

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(330) 836-4662
247 Denby Ave
Akron, OH 44313

Areas Served: Akron OH, Summit County OH, Cuyahoga Falls OH, Barberton OH,…
Services: landscape designers & landscape contractors for new landscaping, garden design

CS Triola Landscaping Co

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(330) 867-2981
770 Schocalog Rd
Akron, OH 44320

Areas Served: Barberton OH, Summit County Ohio, Akron Ohio, Stow OH, Cuyahoga…
Services: landscape services & landscaping contractors for residential & commercial

Lewis Landscaping

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(330) 666-2655
3606 Minor Rd
Copley, OH 44321

Areas Served: Summit County, Akron Ohio, Cuyahoga Falls OH, Stow OH, Barberton…
Services: landscape contractors, landscape designers, landscape maintenance, soil conditioning

Nick’s Landscaping

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(330) 666-7000
653 Redfield Ln
Copley, OH 44321

Areas Served: Tallmadge OH, Akron OH, Summit County OH, Twinsburg OH, Cuyahoga…
Services: landscape irrigation, lawn sprinkler installers, new landscaping, landscape design