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April 3, 2020
A general contractors on a home construction site explains to the homeowners what's happening with the building project.

The Best Construction Companies in Union County NC Are the Ones Proven Safe To Hire

General contractors in Union County NC bearing The Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 symbol are builders proven by our independent research to have passed the TOP 10 requirements for competency and safety, carry liability insurance as protection for you the customer, who hire only documented workers, and for whom our staff have called previous customers to verify high satisfaction with the construction performed.

The TOP 10 General Contractors in Union County NC

Robert Epps Custom Homes

  • Robert Epps Custom Homes Profile
  • Robert Epps Custom Homes Scorecard
  • Robert Epps Custom Homes Reviews
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  • Robert Epps Custom Homes Brands
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  • Robert Epps Custom Homes Offers
(704) 560-6303
517 Pacer Ln
Marvin, NC 28173

Areas Served: Union County North Carolina, Sandy Ridge NC, Buford NC, Monroe…
Services: custom home builders, residential construction company, commercial building

Harald Ibele General Contractor

  • Harald Ibele General Contractor Profile
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(704) 753-1324
6211 Howey Bottoms Rd
Indian Trail, NC 28079

Areas Served: Union County NC, Weddington NC, Sandy Ridge NC, Indian Trail…
Services: local construction company for all construction services incl residential, commercial

Unistar Builders

  • Unistar Builders Profile
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  • Unistar Builders Reviews
  • Unistar Builders Photos
  • Unistar Builders Brands
  • Unistar Builders Articles
  • Unistar Builders Offers
(704) 624-2284
104 E Main St
Marshville, NC 28103

Areas Served: Union County NC, Monroe NC, Goose Creek NC, Buford NC,…
Services: construction company for new construction, custom home building

F&C General Construction

  • F&C General Construction Profile
  • F&C General Construction Scorecard
  • F&C General Construction Reviews
  • F&C General Construction Photos
  • F&C General Construction Brands
  • F&C General Construction Articles
  • F&C General Construction Offers
(704) 243-4347
8705 Kentucky Derby Dr
Waxhaw, NC 28173

Areas Served: Sandy Ridge North Carolina, Union County NC, Indian Trail NC,…
Services: construction company for custom homes, commercial building, construction permits

Camps Construction

  • Camps Construction Profile
  • Camps Construction Scorecard
  • Camps Construction Reviews
  • Camps Construction Photos
  • Camps Construction Brands
  • Camps Construction Articles
  • Camps Construction Offers
(704) 821-3162
1409 Babbage Ln # B
Indian Trail, NC 28079

Areas Served: Monroe NC, Goose Creek NC, Union County NC, Indian Trail…
Services: general construction, building permits, new home builders, commercial construction

Heartland Contracting LLC

  • Heartland Contracting LLC Profile
  • Heartland Contracting LLC Scorecard
  • Heartland Contracting LLC Reviews
  • Heartland Contracting LLC Photos
  • Heartland Contracting LLC Brands
  • Heartland Contracting LLC Articles
  • Heartland Contracting LLC Offers
(704) 882-3004
1064 Van Buren Ave # 8
Indian Trail, NC 28079

Areas Served: Sandy Ridge NC, Union County NC, Indian Trail NC, Monroe…
Services: general contractors & construction company for new construction & building

Ronnie Laney Construction Co

  • Ronnie Laney Construction Co Profile
  • Ronnie Laney Construction Co Scorecard
  • Ronnie Laney Construction Co Reviews
  • Ronnie Laney Construction Co Photos
  • Ronnie Laney Construction Co Brands
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  • Ronnie Laney Construction Co Offers
(704) 289-2898
2302 Lancaster Hwy
Monroe, NC 28112

Areas Served: Indian Trail NC, Union County NC, Buford NC, Sandy Ridge…
Services: local general contractors for residential construction, commercial construction

Cynmar Construction Inc

  • Cynmar Construction Inc Profile
  • Cynmar Construction Inc Scorecard
  • Cynmar Construction Inc Reviews
  • Cynmar Construction Inc Photos
  • Cynmar Construction Inc Brands
  • Cynmar Construction Inc Articles
  • Cynmar Construction Inc Offers
(704) 843-9338
5203 Tom Starnes Rd
Waxhaw, NC 28173

Areas Served: Buford, Stallings, Goose Creek, Indian Trail, Monroe, Sandy Ridge NC,…
Services: general contractors, new home builders, commercial construction building

Haston General Contractors Inc

  • Haston General Contractors Inc Profile
  • Haston General Contractors Inc Scorecard
  • Haston General Contractors Inc Reviews
  • Haston General Contractors Inc Photos
  • Haston General Contractors Inc Brands
  • Haston General Contractors Inc Articles
  • Haston General Contractors Inc Offers
(704) 256-9657
621 Pacer Ln
Waxhaw, NC 28173

Areas Served: Stallings NC, Union County NC, Goose Creek NC, Sandy Ridge…
Services: residential construction, commercial construction, municipal construction

The Best Construction Companies in Union County NC Are the Ones Proven Safe To Hire