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June 14, 2024
Health club members encourage each other as they use the stationary bicycles as part of their fitness club workout.

How to Choose the Best Health Clubs in Ventura County CA

When searching for the best health clubs and fitness centers in Oxnard CA, this report gives you a chance to gauge each fitness center's specialty, professionalism and facilities. Some are more family-friendly, while some health clubs cater to hard-core body builders. To feel comfortable, it's important to find the Ventura County fitness centers that best fit your lifestyle and goals. Read the following article for some pointers on how to find good health clubs in Oxnard CA.

The TOP 10 Health Clubs & Fitness Studios in Ventura County CA

The TOP 10 Health Clubs & Fitness Studios in Ventura County CA

Oakridge Athletic Club

  • Oakridge Athletic Club Profile
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  • Oakridge Athletic Club Offers
(805) 522-5454
2655 Erringer Rd
Simi Valley, CA 93065

Areas Served: Oxnard CA, Thousand Oaks CA, Simi Valley CA, Ventura CA,…

Pierpont Racquet Club

  • Pierpont Racquet Club Profile
  • Pierpont Racquet Club Scorecard
  • Pierpont Racquet Club Reviews
  • Pierpont Racquet Club Photos
  • Pierpont Racquet Club Brands
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(805) 648-5161
500 San Jon Rd
Ventura, CA 93001

Areas Served: Simi Valley CA, Oxnard CA, Ventura CA, Thousand Oaks CA,…

Simi Valley Workout

  • Simi Valley Workout Profile
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  • Simi Valley Workout Photos
  • Simi Valley Workout Brands
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(805) 520-7400
5750 E Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93063

Areas Served: Oxnard CA, Simi Valley CA, Ventura CA, Thousand Oaks CA,…

Pro Active Pilates Studio

  • Pro Active Pilates Studio Profile
  • Pro Active Pilates Studio Scorecard
  • Pro Active Pilates Studio Reviews
  • Pro Active Pilates Studio Photos
  • Pro Active Pilates Studio Brands
  • Pro Active Pilates Studio Articles
  • Pro Active Pilates Studio Offers
(805) 557-1524
860 Hampshire Rd # V
Westlake Village, CA 91361

Areas Served: Ventura CA, Oxnard CA, Camarillo CA, Simi Valley CA, Thousand…

Mind & Body Wellness Studio

  • Mind & Body Wellness Studio Profile
  • Mind & Body Wellness Studio Scorecard
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  • Mind & Body Wellness Studio Photos
  • Mind & Body Wellness Studio Brands
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(805) 654-8354
1445 Donlon St # 9
Ventura, CA 93003

Areas Served: Ventura County, Oxnard CA, Camarillo CA, Thousand Oaks CA, Ventura…

Cross Fit Conejo Valley

  • Cross Fit Conejo Valley Profile
  • Cross Fit Conejo Valley Scorecard
  • Cross Fit Conejo Valley Reviews
  • Cross Fit Conejo Valley Photos
  • Cross Fit Conejo Valley Brands
  • Cross Fit Conejo Valley Articles
  • Cross Fit Conejo Valley Offers
(818) 292-6352
31143 Via Colinas # 510
Westlake Village, CA 91362

Areas Served: Westlake Village CA, Ventura CA, Thousand Oaks CA, Oxnard CA,…

How to Choose the Best Health Clubs in Ventura County CA

In general, most people who join health clubs are motivated by one of two reasons: They want to tone up and be healthier, or they are recovering from an injury, surgery, or other health issue. These goals often go together, of course, but it's important to know what your goals are before choosing a health club. Trainers and exercise professionals often have very different approaches to the same stated goals. Your objective is to find the health club that most closely matches your goals and your comfort level. Sit down and write out exactly what you're hoping to accomplish by joining a health club, even if you're not completely sure. That way, when you go in, you'll be able to give each health club representative the same list of goals. This will make it easier for you to compare their responses to your consistent description.

Although many health clubs in Ventura County may have similar equipment and classes, there are differences of style, temperament and interest. Some don't have a lot of compassion for those just starting out; some emphasize comfort and privacy. Ideally the health club representative will show a great deal of interest and ask relevant questions, perhaps pointing out things you hadn't yet considered. If, after meeting them, you've gotten a good initial impression, ask some questions about the club's facilities and credentialing. Use the list of questions below as a guideline to develop your own.

• How long have the fitness centers' trainers and employees been in the health club industry?

• How many members do each of the Ventura County health clubs have?

• What are the hours the health clubs are open?

• Are there "peak" hours of use at the health centers?

• Do the health clubs provide child care?

• Will someone at the health clubs be able to train you on the use of the exercise equipment? Does this cost more?

• What does the gym membership fee include? (personal training, classes, pool, towel service, lockers, childcare, etc.)

• Are there extra costs for additional services at the Ventura County health clubs?

• Can you speak with members of the health clubs and ask them questions before you join?

• Is there a certain time-frame minimum at the gyms or can you quit anytime?

• Are the trainers/employees at each of the Ventura County health clubs trained in first-aid and CPR?

• What industry certifications do the personal trainers at the health centers have?

Through this question-and-answer period, consider first impressions, the cleanliness and overall look of the health club, experience levels and compatible styles. Visit the health clubs at different times. Many fitness centers have high-density use times or "peak" hours.  Are there long lines at equipment during the times you would be at the gyms in Ventura County CA? Do the health clubs offer a wide enough variety of equipment types to help you achieve your fitness goals?

When you've chosen the health club most suitable for you, make sure they are experienced enough to meet your fitness goals. Before you sign up, insist that there be a written contract that details pricing and all details of the gym membership, including how to opt out should you change your mind.

Tips for Choosing Good Health Clubs in Oxnard CA

Take Time Choosing Between Ventura County Health Clubs.
Whatever it is that you're trying to accomplish by joining a health club, take your time choosing. Different gyms and fitness centers have different skill sets, specialties and experience so it's important to be sure the health club you choose can actually provide you with what you need to achieve your goals. If you shop around a little you'll have better odds of finding the right fitness club for you.

Write Down Your Fitness Goals.
Think about the fitness goals you have in mind. What do you want to do? Tone up? Change your entire lifestyle? Restore your health? Write everything down that comes to mind. That way you'll be able to hand each health club representative a clear, consistent summary of what you're after.  If you give each health club the same information, it will be easier to compare apples to apples when you learn what each has to offer.

Talk to and Visit Several Gyms in Oxnard CA.
It's not about just finding the lowest price, or nearest-to-work location. Comparison shopping for pricing help you get an idea of the median price for gym memberships and it will give you a chance to sound out the personalities and policies and customer service of the different health clubs before joining. It will also give you a chance to see the facility and get an impression of whether or not you'd be comfortable there.

Get the Gym Membership Terms in Writing.
Nothing is official until it is written and signed. So insist that the health club you choose provides you with a detailed document that describes the pricing in detail. Make sure you understand what you're agreeing to. Is it a month-to-month fitness club membership? An annual gym membership? (Don't sign up for a lifetime gym membership: They are illegal in most states.) Three-quarters of the states have specific legislation regarding the maximum length of health club contracts and provisions for cancellation. There is usually a "cooling off" period offered on all contracts, typically three days, during which you can cancel your agreement without penalty. Be sure you understand the cancellation provisions in the contract. To learn more, call the California State Department of Consumer Affairs. (See our article, "Resources About Health Clubs in Oxnard CA).

Do Your Homework Before Joining a Ventura County CA Health Club.
To narrow down your choices, do some detective work. Research the club's licensing, insurance and reputation. See if there have been complaints about the health club with the Better Business Bureau. To help with this, see our article: Resources About Health Clubs in Oxnard CA. Verify all of this information before signing the contract.

Health Clubs in Ventura County CA Offer Many of the Best Exercise Equipment and Brands

Health clubs in Ventura County CA offer many of the best exercise equipment and brands including Bowflex, Nautilus, Precor USA, NordicTrack, Advanced Fitness, Inc., HealthRider, Inc., Cybex International, Inc., Eloton Exercise Equipment, Sohn, Benter Ball, Cableflex, Butt Blaster, Cardiosport, Orbitrek, TrackMaster, StairMaster, Sportline, Jumpking, Empower, Altus, Variflex, Valeo, Powertec, Infiniti Fitness, Textrix, Unisen, Scifit, Versa, Intek Strength, Sportsart and Quinton.

Resources About Health Clubs in Oxnard CA

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