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July 24, 2024
The TOP 10 Architects in Westmoreland County PA

The TOP 10 Architects in Westmoreland County PA

Canzian Johnston & Associates

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(724) 339-0511
361 Main St
New Kensington, PA 15068

Areas Served: Westmoreland County PA, Lower Burrell PA, Murrysville PA, Greensburg PA,
Services: commercial architects, civic architectural design, residential architecture

Barry Morris Architect

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(724) 836-1119
550 E Pittsburgh St
Greensburg, PA 15601

Areas Served: Lower Burrell PA, New Kensington PA, Greensburg PA, Murrysville PA,…
Services: architects for residential & commercial design, new construction & remodels

Quinlisk Architectural

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(724) 694-9196
101 W Keeling Ave
Derry, PA 15627

Areas Served: New Kensington PA, Murrysville Pennsylvania, Westmoreland County Pennsylvania
Services: architects for all architectural design, residential architects, commercial architects

Peter Cecconi Jr AIA Ltd

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(724) 834-5917
4502 Evergreen Dr
Jeannette, PA 15644

Areas Served: Murrysville Penn, Westmoreland County Penn, Greensburg Penn, New Kensington Penn
Services: architectural design, contemporary architects, traditional architects, blueprints

Gayton & Associates

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(724) 423-4111
Norvelt Professional Ctr
Norvelt, PA 15674

Areas Served: Murrysville PA, Westmoreland County PA, Greensburg PA, New Kensington PA
Services: architects, residential architects, commercial architects for all architectural