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October 26, 2021
The TOP 10 Cabinet Companies in Worcester County MA

The TOP 10 Cabinet Companies in Worcester County MA

Premium Cabinet Wholesalers

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(978) 227-5389
572 Main St
Leominster, MA 01453

Areas Served: Shrewsbury MA, Worcester MA, Gardner MA, Fitchburg MA, Milford MA,…
Services: new cabinet design & cabinet sales, installation of new cabinets,…

Cronin Cabinets

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(508) 248-7026
164 Sturbridge Rd
Charlton, MA 01507

Areas Served: Leominster MA, Worcester County, Shrewsbury MA, Gardner MA, Grafton MA,…
Services: new cabinets & kitchen cabinet sales, new cabinet design &…

Country Craftsmen

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(508) 278-2307
420 West St
Uxbridge, MA 01569

Areas Served: Worcester County, Milford MA, Leominster MA, Gardner MA, Fitchburg MA,…
Services: local cabinet company for new cabinet sales & new cabinet…

Uxbridge Cabinet Center

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(508) 278-6551
706 Quaker Hwy
Uxbridge, MA 01569

Areas Served: Grafton, Westborough, Gardner, Milford, Shrewsbury, Fitchburg, Leominster, Worcester County
Services: cabinet makers incl. new cabinets, cabinet refacing, new kitchen cabinets

Creative Cabinets Inc

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(508) 799-5511
103 E Central St
Worcester, MA 01605

Areas Served: Worcester MA, Fitchburg MA, Milford MA, Westborough MA, Gardner MA,…
Services: new cabinet sales, kitchen cabinet sales & cabinet installers, cabinet…

Heartwood Cabinet Makers LLC

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(508) 634-2004
89 Hartford Ave E
Mendon, MA 01756

Areas Served: Worcester County, Southbridge MA, Fitchburg MA, Webster MA, Leominster MA,…
Services: new custom cabinets, new kitchen cabinets, cabinet replacement, cabinet refacing

Milford Woodworking Co

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(508) 473-2335
294 West St
Milford, MA 01757

Areas Served: Leominster MA, Webster MA, Worcester MA, Grafton MA, Shrewsbury MA,…
Services: new custom cabinets, new kitchen cabinets, cabinet replacement, cabinet refacing