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October 27, 2021
The TOP 10 Fence Contractors in Worcester County MA

The TOP 10 Fence Contractors in Worcester County MA

CCM Fence Co

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(978) 345-7974
128 Newtonville Ave
Fitchburg, MA 01420

Areas Served: Leominster MA, Webster MA, Worcester MA, Grafton MA, Shrewsbury MA,…
Services: new fences, fence repair, privacy fences, wrought iron fences, wooden…

Charlton Fence

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(508) 248-3221
45 S Sturbridge Rd
Charlton, MA 01507

Areas Served: Worcester County MA, Leominster MA, Fitchburg MA, Shrewsbury MA, Milford…
Services: custom fences, tennis court enclosures, wood fencing, chain link fencing

Precision Fence Co Inc

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(508) 867-7251
284 Bernard Whitney Rd
New Braintree, MA 01531

Areas Served: Worcester County, Westborough MA, Leominster MA, Grafton MA, Fitchburg MA,…
Services: local fence company for new fencing, fence repair, privancy fencing

Custom Fence Co

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(508) 885-0137
15a S Spencer Rd
Spencer, MA 01562

Areas Served: Gardner MA, Leominster MA, Worcester County, Westborough MA, Fitchburg MA,…
Services: fence contractors, fence repair, new fencing, custom rences, fence builders

Steadfast Fence

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(508) 943-5128
4 Wall St
Webster, MA 01570

Areas Served: Milford MA, Worcester MA, Holden MA, Leominster MA, Shrewsbury MA,…
Services: new fencing, custom fencing, fence design, fence repair, fence builders

Jeff Johnson Fences

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(508) 865-3754
1369 1/2 Grafton St
Worcester, MA 01604

Areas Served: Worcester County, Southbridge MA, Fitchburg MA, Webster MA, Leominster MA,…
Services: new fencing, custom fences, wood fences, fence refinishing, fence builders

Quality Fence

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(508) 852-3003
49 Mount Ave # A
Worcester, MA 01606

Areas Served: Worcester County, Milford MA, Leominster MA, Gardner MA, Fitchburg MA,…
Services: fence contractors for new fencing, fence repair, custom fencing