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July 8, 2020

Colorcraft Sign Co

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(609) 386-1115
400 Magnolia St
Beverly, NJ 08010
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Freemason
  • USSC (United States Sign Council)

Areas Served: Burlington County incl. Beverly NJ, Burlington NJ, Moorestown NJ, Mt…
Services: sign makers, sign installers, vehicle lettering, car wraps, truck wraps,…
Key Brands: 3M Vinyl Wraps

The biggest complaints in the industry are about online retailers who take no accountability and often produce something different than what the online customer thought it would be, companies that miss important deadlines, ones whose products don't last, and national franchises where the local owner has no mechanical ability or background in signs, crucial when something needs to be maintained or fixed.

That's why locals cite the Burlington County firm Colorcraft Sign Co. in Beverly NJ as the family-run business with 37 years of experience that treats every job as the one that's going to maintain their good reputation by meeting deadlines, including for rush jobs, for everything from vehicle wraps to yard signs and screen printed shirts.

Colorcraft Sign Co. in Beverly NJ: Proven Value and Reliability for Four Decades

Steve Molnar and Linda Molnar founded Colorcraft Sign Co. in Beverly NJ back in 1978 so they're some of the most experienced in the industry for miles, which has made them a word-of-mouth favorite both locally and even nationally. Steve Molnar explains, "We don't do any real advertising and 99% of our new business is word-of-mouth from satisfied customers and that's a testament to our commitment to doing right by the customer every time. That's also led to our high rate of repeat business and customers staying with us for years."

That was borne out by consumers we heard from in our research, like one named Ryan who told us, "We use Colorcraft Sign Company. We use them for lettering school buses and any other sign needs we have. We give them just about all of our business because they do such a good job. I highly recommend them."

That lasting satisfaction is an important difference in an industry where it's common for the customer to get something that not too long after starts to fade, peel, chip, bubble up, or crack.  Some other companies even claim to use the durable vinyl from 3M for vehicle wraps when it really isn't. Unlike those companies, Colorcraft Sign Co. gives customers real 3M vinyl because of its performance and durability. "We've been in business over 37 years and we treat every job as the one that's going to keep our good family name and reputation, and that means doing wraps that are going to hold up for years," says owner Steve Molnar.

Their high satisfaction rate with vehicle wraps was reflected in a report to us by a customer named Phil who said, "I've been doing business with Colorcraft for 15 years. They've lettered many of my trucks. They've done the wrap-around on my cargo trailer, numerous other products. I've never had a problem. Great prices. They get the work done right way. They're awesome."

With 37 years of experience, is Colorcraft Sign Co. too experienced for a customer that just wants simple yard signs, banners, or printed T-shirts? "Many people have been lured by what seemed like an easy order online only to tell us afterwards they were sorry they didn't use us because what they ended up with from some website wasn't at all what they were expecting," shares Steve.

Some other local options include people who don't have a background in this industry and just wanted to buy a franchise, any kind of franchise. As a result, those other companies often will sell to you but can't perform maintenance and repairs  for the signs they produce.   In contrast, Colorcraft Sign Co. continues to serve customers after the order with ongoing maintenance or repairs if needed.

One thing Steve Molnar and Colorcraft Sign Co. take particularly seriously is meeting the promised date. Steve shares, "In 37 years and after tens of thousands of orders we've only had a delay twice, and both times were due to an outside party. So customers know that when we promise delivery by a certain date, they can count on it, and that includes rush orders."

Steve Molnar and wife Linda Molnar have been married over 45 years and have raised three children together. Steve used to be a school shop teacher and founded Colorcraft Sign Co. in 1978, and since then has earned such a good reputation that this family owned local business has become the company of choice for individuals and corporations alike, including ones like Pathmark, ShopRite, Deborah Heart & Lung Hospital, Wolfington Bus Company, Whitesell Construction, Eagle Construction, PSE&G, and the police department of Beverly NJ.   Customers are welcome to visit their showroom which is in a converted 1930's school building, where they can see samples and get ideas from Steve, Linda or one of the staff.   And it's reassuring for customers that right here is where their order is actually made, often using the big Roland digital printer that's onsite, or their laser engraver, rotary engraver, embroidery machine and other professional equipment.

So rather than waste money by ordering something online that turns out to be not what you thought, with an internet retailer who has no accountability, customers pointed us to the local Burlington County firm Colorcraft Sign Co. in Beverly NJ as the family-run provider who treats every order as the one that's going to keep their good name and reputation, whose known for products that last for years, and meeting promised delivery dates in a way that keeps customers using them for years.

In the words of one customer named Cindy who reported to us, "We've used Colorcraft Sign for many years. I've been here 35 years and they were being used here prior to my start, so obviously we're happy with their service. It's a great relationship. They're so flexible and easy to work with. They'll travel here and look at anything we need. And their pricing is very competitive. They do a great job for us. Rest assured with Colorcraft as your vendor."