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September 28, 2023

Integrity Construction Maintenance, Inc

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(707) 829-5300
3531 Gravenstein Hwy South
Sebastopol, CA 95472
State Contractors License #846187
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Chamber of Commerce-Santa Rosa
  • EPA Lead Safe Certified
  • NCBE (North Coast Builders Exchange)

Areas Served: Bay Area & Sonoma County incl. Santa Rosa CA, Petaluma…
Services: janitorial cleaning, office cleaning, janitorial services incl. windows, building maintenance,…

Clients throughout Marin & Sonoma County know Integrity Construction Maintenance, Inc. in Sebastopol CA as the janitorial service that does it all, with a general contractor's license and services including building maintenance, mold removal, construction site clean up, new home construction, remodeling, painting and more. And their flexible 20-day period agreements for janitorial services give you much more freedom than maintenance services that lock you into a 1-year contract.

Integrity Construction Maintenance, Inc: Excellence in Janitorial & Maintenance

Other janitorial companies taint the industry's reputation, creating disappointment by over-promising and underperforming. But Integrity Construction Maintenance, Inc. in Sebastopol CA is known for satisfying its clients. Owner Bennett White explains, "We take our profession seriously. To make sure our clients are always satisfied, we are accountable, flexible and instantly available to them."

And clients of Integrity Construction Maintenance, Inc who received research phone calls agreed. One client said, "They were prompt, they responded to my phone calls, and they were on time. We were pleased with their work." Another customer shared, "I like their willingness to respond to issues that come up and flexibility. They respond quickly. If I have to change something, they are willing to do it." And another emphasized, "They give me very professional results! They come in and do a great job."

Many other janitorial services claim suspiciously cheap prices, but can't deliver. Bennett tells us, "The lowest bidder can't give the best service. There is a lot that goes into maintenance, and so much goes wrong when those companies try a cheap fix, that it costs the client more in the long run. We're giving clients the results they need and want right from the outset."

One way those other building maintenance or janitorial services commonly fail is that they're slow and less detailed in their work. Bennett explains, "Because we hold ourselves to higher standards at ICM, we train our employees to clean more efficiently so clients get more service for their money. For example, if our efficiency saves two hours, those are two more hours we get to spend doing detail work that other companies wouldn't. And we don't charge clients a penny more for that extra service."

Experience With Integrity Construction Maintenance

Bennett White has over 30 years in the industry. He grew up in Novato and started working for a local building maintenance company as a teenager. He saw how others went for the quick buck with slapdash work and high profit margins, to the client's detriment. In 1981 he founded Integrity Construction Maintenance with a commitment to stand out in the industry by truly giving the client their money's worth. He says, "I have a real desire to serve people and I knew my company could be the one in the industry that did it differently-the right way."

Now Bennett is a dedicated family man living in Petaluma. His family and friends describe him as honest and caring, and customers note his personal integrity and commitment to quality service.

Integrity Construction Maintenance, Inc. Are General Contractors

Integrity Construction Maintenance, Inc. can do all manner of building maintenance and repairs because they're a licensed general contractor with multiple certifications including for painting, demolition, and mold removal. They also clean windows and provide construction services from planning through completion.

For building maintenance clients this means greater value and convenience. Bennett shares, "If light ballasts burn out, floor tiles pop up, the plumbing leaks or even if someone drives through the front window of the building, we can fix those and you won't have to find a separate company to do it."

During a research phone call, a client agreed, saying, "They are versatile, and there isn't anything they won't do. Every time I call them, they are on top of it." And another customer, "They do everything, including plumbing, carpentry, and electrical."

So we saw that Integrity Construction Maintenance, Inc is the building maintenance and janitorial service that's dedicated to truly giving clients full value for their money with consistently high quality service, backing that up with flexible 20-day agreements instead of 1 year contracts, and able to perform a whole range of janitorial services in addition to simple office cleaning because they're also licensed contractors who can perform all your needs for construction, remodeling, painting and more.