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June 25, 2021
A mold remediation contractor removes mold and mildew from a wall in a home being affected by black mold.

The Best Mold Removal Companies in Essex County MA Are the Ones Verified As Safe To Hire

Companies for mold removal in Essex County MA MA, including mold testing services.


The TOP 10 Mold Removal Companies in Essex County MA

The TOP 10 Mold Removal Companies in Essex County MA

Spruce Environmental Techs

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3 Saber Way
Ward Hill, MA 01835

Areas Served: Essex County MA, Lynn MA, Lawrence MA, Haverhill MA, Peabody…
Services: mold removal company for all mold removal & mold abatement

Moisture Mapper Intl Inc

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60 Island St # 33
Lawrence, MA 01840

Areas Served: Ipswich MA, Swampscott MA, Lynn MA, Amesbury Town MA, Danvers…
Services: mold abatement & mold growth prevention

NG Environmental Contractors

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49 Blanchard St # 202-4
Lawrence, MA 01843

Areas Served: Haverhill MA, Methuen Town MA, Essex County MA, Peabody MA,…
Services: professional mold removal, mold spore removal, mold inspections

Hancock Environmental Consultants

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235 Newbury St
Danvers, MA 01923

Areas Served: Essex County, North Andover MA, Lawrence MA, Beverly MA, Methuen…
Services: mold cleanup, full service mold removal contractors

Enpro Services Inc

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12 Mulliken Way
Newburyport, MA 01950

Areas Served: Lynn MA, Essex County MA, Salem MA, Beverly MA, Andover…
Services: mold inspection, mold abatement, mold spore removal

Subsurface Remediation Tech

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355 Central St
Rowley, MA 01969

Areas Served: Lynn MA, Essex County MA, Gloucester MA, Andover MA, Salem…
Services: mold services incl. mold abatement, mold removal & cleaning

The Best Mold Removal Companies in Essex County MA Are the Ones Verified As Safe To Hire