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October 22, 2021
The TOP 10 Landscape Contractors & Landscape Designers in Lake County IL

The TOP 10 Landscape Contractors & Landscape Designers in Lake County IL

AGR Landscaping

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(847) 433-5962
453 Elm St
Deerfield, IL 60015

Areas Served: Waukegan IL, Highland Park IL, Lake County IL, Buffalo Grove…
Services: landscape company for new garden design, landscape installers, new landscaping

Paul’s Landscaping Inc

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(847) 546-5758
31875 N Wilson Rd
Grayslake, IL 60030

Areas Served: Highland Park IL, Buffalo Grove IL, Waukegan IL, Lake County…
Services: landscape contractors for new landscaping, landscape services & landscape designers

Smith Brothers Landscaping

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(847) 244-4585
34644 N Cemetery Rd
Gurnee, IL 60031

Areas Served: Mundelein IL, Highland Park IL, Buffalo Grove IL, Lake County…
Services: landscape services & landscaping contractors for residential & commercial

Aldo Costabile Landscaping

  • Aldo Costabile Landscaping Profile
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(847) 831-1642
1540 Old Skokie Rd
Highland Park, IL 60035

Areas Served: Gurnee IL, Highland Park IL, Buffalo Grove IL, Waukegan IL,…
Services: landscaping services incl. new landscaping, landscape design, new gardens

JDL Landscaping

  • JDL Landscaping Profile
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(847) 815-5662
23661 N Overhill Dr
Lake Zurich, IL 60047

Areas Served: Waukegan IL, Lake County IL, Buffalo Grove IL, Round Lake…
Services: full landscape services for commercial & residential including design &…

Ruffolo Landscaping Inc

  • Ruffolo Landscaping Inc Profile
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  • Ruffolo Landscaping Inc Brands
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(847) 816-6886
242 US Highway 45
Indian Creek, IL 60061

Areas Served: Buffalo Grove Illinois, Lake County IL, Highland Park IL, Waukegan…
Services: local landscapers for landscape installers, landscape maintenance

GT Landscaping LLC

  • GT Landscaping LLC Profile
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(847) 249-9144
39250 Castleford Ln
Beach Park, IL 60083

Areas Served: Lake County Illinois, Waukegan IL, Buffalo Grove IL, Highland Park…
Services: landscape irrigation, lawn sprinkler installers, new landscaping, landscape design

VM Landscaping & Nursery Co

  • VM Landscaping & Nursery Co Profile
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(847) 662-1800
11848 W Wadsworth Rd
Beach Park, IL 60087

Areas Served: Waukegan Illinois, Buffalo Grove Illinois, Lake County IL, Mundelein IL,…
Services: landscape contractors commercial & residential, landscape maintenance

Page Landscaping Inc

  • Page Landscaping Inc Profile
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  • Page Landscaping Inc Brands
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(847) 465-9719
431 Regent Dr
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Areas Served: Deerfield IL, Lake County IL, Lake Forest IL, Buffalo Grove…
Services: landscape contractors, landscape designers, landscape maintenance, soil conditioning