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June 25, 2024
The TOP 10 Interior Designers in Washington County PA

The TOP 10 Interior Designers in Washington County PA

Glenwood Designs

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(724) 223-0196
1480 Washington Rd
Washington, PA 15301

Areas Served: Canonsburg Penn, Washington County Penn, Washington County Pennsylvania
Services: residential & commercial interior design, space planning

Interior Design Consultants

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(724) 941-8653
511 Hunt Club Dr
Canonsburg, PA 15317

Areas Served: Washington Pennsylvania, Canonsburg PA, Washington County PA
Services: residential interior design, light commercial design, remodeling designs

Design On Main LLC

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(724) 356-7777
86 Main St # 100
Hickory, PA 15340

Areas Served: Washington County PA, Canonsburg PA, Washington Pennsylvania
Services: interior design firm for space planning & structural design

Donella Designs

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(724) 942-2330
149 Scenic Ridge Dr
Venetia, PA 15367

Areas Served: Washington County Penn, Canonsburg Penn, Washington Penn
Services: interior design, interior decorating, commercial interior designers, residential

RDB Design

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(724) 941-6799
323 Abbey Brook Ln
Venetia, PA 15367

Areas Served: Canonsburg PA, Washington PA, Washington County PA
Services: interior designers for residential interior design, commercial interior design