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May 23, 2024
The TOP 10 Mold Removal Companies in Indianapolis IN

The TOP 10 Mold Removal Companies in Indianapolis IN

Elite Cleaning & Restorations

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(317) 841-8966
5729 Park Plaza Ct
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Areas Served: Marion County IN, Pike IN, Perry IN, Indianapolis IN, Decatur…
Services: mold services incl. mold abatement, mold removal & cleaning

Carriage Cleaners

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(317) 784-2642
3291 Madison Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46227

Areas Served: Marion County Indiana, Perry IN, Lawrence IN, Indianapolis Indiana, Pike…
Services: mold remediation contractors for professional mold removal

Puro Clean

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(317) 451-4768
1459 Turncoat Cir
Indianapolis, IN 46234

Areas Served: Pike IN, Perry IN, Indianapolis Indiana, Warren IN, Decatur IN,…
Services: mold removal company for all mold removal & mold abatement

Midwest Remediation

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(317) 826-0940
5858 Thunderbird Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46236

Areas Served: Warren Indiana, Indianapolis IN, Marion County IN, Perry IN, Pike…
Services: local mold removal services for mold cleaning, mold inspections

A&D Hydra Clean

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(317) 255-5658
6440 Michigan Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Areas Served: Marion County IN, Indianapolis Indiana, Lawrence IN, Perry IN, Warren…
Services: mold remediation, HEPA air scrubbing, mold spore removal

Mold Removers

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(317) 846-0977
904 Bristol Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46280

Areas Served: Decatur Indiana, Marion County IN, Lawrence IN, Indianapolis IN, Decatur…
Services: mold removal contractor for mold remediation, fungus removal