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May 27, 2024
The TOP 10 Roofing Companies in Indianapolis IN

The TOP 10 Roofing Companies in Indianapolis IN

Brown’s Roofing Inc

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(317) 356-5004
3519 Southeastern Ave # A
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Areas Served: Lawrence Indiana, Marion County, Indianapolis Indiana, Warren IN, Perry IN,…
Services: roofing contractors for new roofing, roof repairs, re-roofing, new permanent…

Holland Roofing

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(317) 375-8648
3313 S Arlington Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Areas Served: Lawrence Indiana, Indianapolis IN, Warren IN, Perry IN, Pike IN,…
Services: roofing contractors & roofers for roof repair, re-roofing, new roof…

Coomer Roofing Co

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(317) 225-5110
6204 S Harding St
Indianapolis, IN 46217

Areas Served: Warren IN, Marion County IN, Indianapolis IN, Lawrence Indiana, Perry…
Services: new roofing, roof repair, roof inspection, gutters & downspouts

Hofmeister Residential Roofing

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(317) 898-5002
8026 Roy Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46219

Areas Served: Indianapolis Indiana, Marion County, Perry IN, Pike IN, Warren IN,…
Services: roofing contractors for roof repair, reroofing, roof maintenance, roof inspections

Indianapolis Roofing & Sheet

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(317) 591-1250
2828 N Catherwood Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46219

Areas Served: Decatur IN, Marion County IN, Lawrence IN, Perry IN, Pike…
Services: local roofers for new roofing, roof repair, roof leak, slate…

Nu Tec Roofing Contractors

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(317) 726-5191
5175 Emco Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Areas Served: Lawrence IN, Marion County IN, Perry IN, Decatur IN, Pike…
Services: new roofing, roof repair, roofing services incl. regular roof maintenance…

Guaranteed Roofing Inc

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(317) 835-4220
6997 N 875 W
Indianapolis, IN 46259

Areas Served: Marion County IN, Indianapolis Indiana, Lawrence IN, Perry IN, Warren…
Services: roofers for roof maintenace, roof repair services, shake roof conversions