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February 29, 2024
The TOP 10 Waterproofing Contractors in Indianapolis IN

The TOP 10 Waterproofing Contractors in Indianapolis IN

First Choice Waterproofing

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(317) 782-8700
2419 E Kelly St
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Areas Served: Pike IN, Perry IN, Indianapolis Indiana, Warren IN, Decatur IN,…
Services: waterproofing contractors for water seepage, water leaks, cellar waterproofing

Western Restoration & Waterproofing

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(317) 377-6040
4143 Kingman Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46226

Areas Served: Lawrence Indiana, Marion County, Indianapolis Indiana, Warren IN, Perry IN,…
Services: waterproofing services incl. wall coatings, water repellents, waterproof membranes

Tide Waterproofing

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(317) 241-3099
1055 S High School Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46241

Areas Served: Marion County IN, Pike IN, Perry IN, Indianapolis IN, Decatur…
Services: leak prevention, leak detection, water sealant services

All Dry Waterproofing

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(317) 398-3940
5550 Progress Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46241

Areas Served: Decatur Indiana, Marion County IN, Lawrence IN, Indianapolis IN, Decatur…
Services: waterproofing incl. sump pumps, drainage