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April 22, 2021
A local florist hands a custom bouquet of roses, carnations, and other beautiful flowers to a customer

The Best Florists in San Mateo County Offer Many Options for Floral Arrangements and Flower Delivery

When you work with the best florists in San Mateo County, you will have access to the freshest flowers, best floral arrangements and fastest flower delivery services in Redwood City. Whether you're ordering flowers for a special occasion or sending fresh flower arrangements to someone you love, it's important to know that cheap florists in San Mateo County may not be the best florists.

The following research by The Prime Buyer's Report identifies the best florists in San Mateo County and issues related to buying floral arrangements and flower delivery.


The TOP 10 Flower Delivery & Florists in San Mateo County CA

The TOP 10 Flower Delivery & Florists in San Mateo County CA

Flowers By Silvestri

  • Flowers By Silvestri Profile
  • Flowers By Silvestri Scorecard
  • Flowers By Silvestri Reviews
  • Flowers By Silvestri Photos
  • Flowers By Silvestri Brands
  • Flowers By Silvestri Articles
  • Flowers By Silvestri Offers
(650) 588-1335
452 San Bruno Ave W
San Bruno, CA 94066

Atherton Florist & Flower Shop

  • Atherton Florist & Flower Shop Profile
  • Atherton Florist & Flower Shop Scorecard
  • Atherton Florist & Flower Shop Reviews
  • Atherton Florist & Flower Shop Photos
  • Atherton Florist & Flower Shop Brands
  • Atherton Florist & Flower Shop Articles
  • Atherton Florist & Flower Shop Offers
(650) 321-4753
PO Box 4170
Menlo Park, CA 94026

Granara’s Flowers

  • Granara's Flowers Profile
  • Granara's Flowers Scorecard
  • Granara's Flowers Reviews
  • Granara's Flowers Photos
  • Granara's Flowers Brands
  • Granara's Flowers Articles
  • Granara's Flowers Offers
(650) 591-0751
1682 El Camino Real
San Carlos, CA 94070

Inspiration Floral Design

  • Inspiration Floral Design Profile
  • Inspiration Floral Design Scorecard
  • Inspiration Floral Design Reviews
  • Inspiration Floral Design Photos
  • Inspiration Floral Design Brands
  • Inspiration Floral Design Articles
  • Inspiration Floral Design Offers
(408) 234-3333
396 Forbes Blvd # D
South SF, CA 94080

H Pastorino & Sons

  • H Pastorino & Sons Profile
  • H Pastorino & Sons Scorecard
  • H Pastorino & Sons Reviews
  • H Pastorino & Sons Photos
  • H Pastorino & Sons Brands
  • H Pastorino & Sons Articles
  • H Pastorino & Sons Offers
(650) 726-6440
12391 San Mateo Rd
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019


  • Fiori Profile
  • Fiori Scorecard
  • Fiori Reviews
  • Fiori Photos
  • Fiori Brands
  • Fiori Articles
  • Fiori Offers
(650) 348-2900
1406 Burlingame Avenue
Burlingame, CA 94010

Areas Served: Burlingame CA, Millbrae CA, San Mateo CA, Hillsborough CA, San…
Services: flower delivery shop for fresh flowers, wholesale flowers, silk flowers,…

Foster City Flowers & Gifts

  • Foster City Flowers & Gifts Profile
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  • Foster City Flowers & Gifts Reviews
  • Foster City Flowers & Gifts Photos
  • Foster City Flowers & Gifts Brands
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(650) 573-6607
1185 Chess Dr # G
Foster City, CA 94404

AH Sam Florist & Greenhouses

  • AH Sam Florist & Greenhouses Profile
  • AH Sam Florist & Greenhouses Scorecard
  • AH Sam Florist & Greenhouses Reviews
  • AH Sam Florist & Greenhouses Photos
  • AH Sam Florist & Greenhouses Brands
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(650) 341-5611
2645 S. El Camino Real
San Mateo, CA 94403

Areas Served: San Mateo CA, Hillsborough CA, Burlingame CA, Foster City CA,…
Services: San Mateo florist for beautiful flowers, tropical flowers, send flower…

Rose & Leona’s Flower Shop

  • Rose & Leona's Flower Shop Profile
  • Rose & Leona's Flower Shop Scorecard
  • Rose & Leona's Flower Shop Reviews
  • Rose & Leona's Flower Shop Photos
  • Rose & Leona's Flower Shop Brands
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  • Rose & Leona's Flower Shop Offers
(650) 755-5267
1539 Mission Rd.
Colma, CA 94014

Areas Served: Colma CA, Daly City CA, Serramonte CA, San Bruno CA,…
Services: Florist for flower delivery, fresh flowers, silk flowers, flower arrangements,…

The Best Florists in San Mateo County Offer Many Options for Floral Arrangements and Flower Delivery

There is no state license required of florists in San Mateo County and so no state standard for competency. This makes it all the more significant that all florists bearing The Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten designation have been evaluated by our research staff, and have had to pass all the requirements for Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten status such as survey phone calls to previous customers to verify high satisfaction, clean complaint record, best business practices, length of time in business, and more.

Whether you're planning a surprise flower delivery of a simple bouquet of flowers or ordering large floral arrangements for a special event, the best florists in Redwood City can give you the right flowers for every occasion.

The helpful information below is provided by the editors and researchers at The Prime Buyer's Report to help you choose among the best florists and florist shops in San Mateo County, including Redwood City CA.

Good Florists in San Mateo County Offer Many Options for Floral Arrangements and Flower Delivery
Local florists own flower shops and provide flower delivery in Redwood City and throughout all of San Mateo County. The best flower shops in San Mateo County can offer fresh flowers, potted plants, silk flowers, artificial flower arrangements and made-to-order fresh flower arrangements for pick up and local flower deliveries.

Most of the best flower delivery shops in Redwood City offer same day flower delivery for special occasion flowers such as birthday flowers, Mother's Day flowers, anniversary flowers and get well flower arrangements.

Comparing Good Local Florists in San Mateo County to National Florists & Flower Delivery Companies
National florists, sometimes called flower order gatherers, are large flower retail companies or call centers that take flower orders nationally then pay local florists in San Mateo County to fulfill the flower deliveries.

Some consumers say they get better service at a lower cost when they work directly with local flower shops in Redwood City or the rest of San Mateo County area for local flower delivery, national flower delivery and international flower delivery. So if working with a local San Mateo County florist is important to you, take note of the following tips before you send flowers:

• Be sure to ask if the florist shops are physically located in San Mateo County, even if the floral shops list a local phone number or address. It may not be a physical location.

• If ordering flowers online, verify that the delivery flower bouquets from the florists online are delivered as flower arrangements instead of as assemble-it-yourself boxes of fresh flowers.

• When it comes to "national florists" such as national order gatherers using local phone numbers or addresses including online florists, some customers have reported high floral delivery fees, processing fees, and shipping and handling fees. So verify the total cost before you order flowers and compare to the cost from a local florist physically located in San Mateo County.

• Some people report that online florists and national call center florists using a local address offer "free delivery" but send smaller flower arrangements to recoup their flower shipping costs or hide their actual floral delivery costs in the price of the flowers. So verify with the same day delivery florists that the flowers delivered are exactly the flowers you ordered and compare the total cost for flowers and delivery to that of a local florist who is physically located in San Mateo County.

Cheap Flowers—A Good Value or a Flower Delivery Mistake?
Some florist customers thought they could save money by going with cheap florists or flower shops that sell discount flowers, but say they were disappointed by the cut flower deliveries. These people found that some cheap florists and discount flower delivery services promoting wholesale flowers might actually deliver old or wilted flowers.

Find good florists in San Mateo County who sell fresh flowers at fair prices.

Good florists in Redwood City are known for providing fresh cut flowers, healthy potted plants, lifelike artificial flowers or silk flowers and beautiful flower arrangements. And because these local florists deal directly with the public, these good flower shops also specialize in top-notch customer service.

Florists Offer Flower Deliveries in Redwood City and Beyond
Find good florists in San Mateo County to deliver fresh flowers to someone across the country. Some local florists are members of reputable national floral relay networks like the FTD Flowers Network. These florist delivery networks link together independent flower shops to provide high-quality flower arrangements and flower delivery services anywhere in the United States and in selected international locations as well.

The best local florists in the Redwood City are experienced in flower arrangements for special events and everyday flower deliveries. Flower arrangements for special occasions, such as those for parties and scheduled events, need to arrive at a specific time. Good florist shops in San Mateo County can plan flower arrangements based on your requirements or the details of the event. These flower shops will also schedule exact times for special flower deliveries. Many flower shops can even arrange the flowers on-site if you've ordered several flower arrangements for your special event.

Birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, get well flowers or flowers delivered "just because" are considered everyday flower deliveries. These flower arrangements may not be as formal as and the floral delivery time is not usually as structured as with special event flowers. Many local florists in San Mateo County deliver flowers in Redwood City or allow you to pick up flower bouquets to hand deliver yourself.

How to Order Flowers for Holiday Flower Deliveries
If you're planning to send flowers, be aware that last minute flower orders for Valentine's Day flowers, Mother's Day flowers or Easter flowers can leave you empty handed and your special someone disappointed. It's important to order flowers several weeks ahead for peak flower holidays.

Some flower shops in San Mateo County even offer special flower packages or discount flowers and holiday floral arrangements when you order flowers in advance.

Some customers report that they've also saved money and been able to order cheap flowers at a great value by cutting out the middleman and ordering flower arrangements or bouquets from florists instead of order gathering flower retailers or online florists.

Some Florists in San Mateo County Are Better Than Others
The Prime Buyer's Report lists these flower shops and florists in San Mateo County: Granara's Flowers San Carlos CA, Belmont's Ralston Florist Belmont CA, Inspiration Floral Design South SF CA, Atherton Florist & Flower Shop Menlo Park CA, H Pastorino & Sons Half Moon Bay CA, Foster City Flowers & Gifts Foster City CA, Flowers By Silvestri San Bruno CA, Fiori Burlingame CA, AH Sam Florist & Greenhouses San Mateo CA, Rose & Leona's Flower Shop Colma CA. Other flower delivery services and flower shops in Redwood City CA that might still be in business include: Edmond's Plaza Florist Inc. San Mateo CA.

How to Choose Among Good Florists in San Mateo County including Redwood City

Plan Ahead Before You Order Flowers From San Mateo County Flower Shops.
Before you talk with good florists in Redwood City or throughout San Mateo County, look into different flower designs and floral arrangement styles. Feel free to shop around on Web sites that sell flowers online or in local flower shops in San Mateo County to get an idea of different flower arranging trends and flower arrangement styles.

You can save money and frustration if you are familiar with what fresh flowers are in season and readily available in Redwood City. If you select fresh flowers that are in season, the price of your flower arrangement will be lower and you will be guaranteed to find a local florist in San Mateo County that can fill your flower order. While they are appealing, rare flowers, tropical flowers, exotic flowers and seasonal cut flowers can be expensive and harder to find.

Order ahead of time for Valentine's Day flowers or Mother's Day flowers. If you're planning a special event, be sure to retain professional San Mateo County florists well in advance. Many flower shops offer same day delivery or next day flower delivery if you've placed your flower order ahead of time.

Choose Local Florists in Redwood City for Fresh Flowers and Flower Arrangements.
While it might seem convenient to buy flowers online, some people report they've had better luck ordering fresh flowers from florists in Redwood City and elsewhere in San Mateo County. If you're one of those consumers who prefers to choose local florists for flower delivery, be sure to ask if the florist shops are local flower shops in your area of San Mateo County or if they are Internet-based florists or call center order gathering centers. Many local florist shops in Redwood City and through all of San Mateo County now accept online flower orders and floral delivery requests for your convenience.

Describe Your Desired Flower Arrangements and Flower Delivery Requirements.
Discuss with florists in Redwood City the number of flower arrangements, types of fresh flowers, silk flowers or artificial flowers you're looking for. Tell the San Mateo County florists about any special requests regarding flower colors or size of flower arrangements and floral bouquets. You should also feel comfortable discussing floral budget restrictions and flower pricing issues with your florist. Make sure that the florists offer flower delivery in the San Mateo County area if you need your fresh flowers delivered.

Ask Questions of Florists in Redwood City Before You Order Fresh Flowers in San Mateo County.
Before you decide among the best florists in San Mateo County, ask some questions of the flower shops to make sure the florists can meet your needs for flower arranging and flower deliveries. We've prepared the following list of questions to help you make the best decision before you send flowers. Write down the answers and ask a few of your own to fill in the details.

• Are the flower shops local florist shops physically located in San Mateo County or are would you be ordering flowers from a national flower order gathering service?

• How long have the florists been in San Mateo County?

• What kind of florist training, background in flower arranging or education do the San Mateo County florists have?

• Can the local florists coordinate with other flower shops outside San Mateo County if you need to send flower deliveries to friends or family far away? Are there extra charges for national flower delivery or international flower delivery?

• Do the flower shops in Redwood City and the rest of San Mateo County specialize in a style of floral design? Can their florists accommodate specific floral arrangement requests?

• Do the florist shops also arrange silk flowers or artificial flowers? What are the cost differences between silk flowers / artificial flowers and fresh flowers?

• If you are planning a special event, are the San Mateo County florists available on that day? How far in advance should you book the florists' services?

• How do the florists charge for their flower arrangements and flower deliveries in Redwood City or other San Mateo County area? Is the flower delivery charge by the item, by the hour or as a flat fee?

• Do the flower shops offer flower delivery services in your area of San Mateo County? Is there a charge for these extra services or do the florists offer free flower delivery, same day flower delivery or next day delivery?

• Can the florists in Redwood City provide flower arrangements for special events?

• Do the flower shops offer delivery in San Mateo County for large numbers of flower arrangements and large flower arrangements? If so, are their flower delivery vehicles air conditioned?

• How many days in advance do the florists in San Mateo County create the flower arrangements?

• Do the San Mateo County flower shops offer any guarantees as to freshness of flower arrangements or how long the flowers will last?

• Do the flower shops have sample flower bouquets and arrangements you can see or can they provide a portfolio of recent floral arrangements they've created?

• Do the florists in San Mateo County also offer potted plant deliveries and gift basket delivery?

Make a Preliminary Decision on the Best Florists in Redwood City and the rest of San Mateo County
Reread the responses from all the florists and flower shops in San Mateo County you talked with and decide which florists and flower shops in Redwood City shared a similar style or offered flower arrangement ideas you liked best. You want a good value when you send flowers, so take off your short list any cheap florists or flower shops that offered suspiciously cheap flowers at a cut rate because those cheap floral arrangements might not be the high quality cut flowers you expect. Also take into account flower shop availability and scheduling, and flower delivery services such as national delivery and international flower delivery to help you make the best decision.

When you've narrowed the field, verify the florists' certifications. Some florists and flower shops in the Redwood City areas of San Mateo County have been highly rated by certification companies such as Diamond Certified. Other flower shops are members of the Better Business Bureau, local chambers and civic groups and various flower growers associations.

Solidify Your Decision on the Best Flower Shops in San Mateo County
Sit down with the local florist or San Mateo County flower shop owner you liked best and agree on the types of flowers, flower colors, and overall theme and style of your flowers. Verify the florist is available for the event and is up to the task of arranging the number of flowers you need. Be sure to discuss flower arrangement details, flower delivery services, scheduling and payment.

Once you've decided on the details with your San Mateo County florist, have the florist write down pricing, flower delivery specifications and warranty details.

Resources About San Mateo County Florists and Flower Delivery in Redwood City

Regulatory Agencies & Trade Associations Florists in Redwood City CA

BBB Better Business Bureau (
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CCFC California Cut Flower Commission (
CANGC California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers (
CPA California Protea Association (
AIFD American Institute of Floral Designers (
ICFGA International Cut Flower Growers Association (
MFA Master Florists Association (
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